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My first Song Cover of Never Enough

Welcome to my website. annarosario.com

I hope you like it here.

This blog is my life journey and everything..

I play lawn tennis. I sing a lot. And I am learning photoshop cs3 right now! I am still a beginnner! And i will be posting some of my progress in this website.

I will also post all my youtube video cover of my favorite songs.

If you have you want to suggest a song for me to do a cover. I will be happy to do it for you. Please write your suggestion and comments on the comment section down below.

By the way, please feel free to give your comments on my cover, both here and on my youtube channel.

I really love to hear anything from you guys!!! Enjoy!! And don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and to my email list which I will be publishing soon. My web developer (my Dad) is still working on it.. look for it in the next few days!!


Nice anna…Keep on singing❤️

Please follow her youtube channel too…

Thank you for your support and ofc i’ll keep singing for you

Hello bladelyn.. thanks a ton!!
Right.. the key is to progress everyday.. this kuya dick by the way..

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