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How to make a picture look like its focusing on a person

Today, I will be working on making a picture look like its focusing on a person..

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Also, check out my earlier work on photoshop. I am still a beginner, so, there is not yet much in my work, but I want to be a very good graphic artist someday, and honing my photoshop skills everyday is the only way to that goal.

So, please follow along with me in how I make a picture focus on a person.

  1. First of all duplicate your image,
  2. then go to the image(tool) and go to adjustment, then click levels, you can play with it, make the picture brighter or darker, its your choice.
  3. Then after it go to the image again and go to the adjustment, then click color balance, it is on your choice on how you are gonna balance the color, but i suggest make the red and yellow more visible than the other colors.
  4. Then after it go again on the image and adjustment and click the brightness and contrast, i suggest increase the contrast and the brightness? it is your choice if you are gonna make it darker or brighter, but i suggest make the image brighter.
  5. Then get the polygonnal lasso tool and separate the person from the things and people around it.
  6. ThenĀ  ctrl J it and you will see it is now separated.
  7. And then click the fillter and go to the blur, then click the gaussian blur, you can blur the background as much as you want.
  8. Then after you blur it, use the burn tool and burn the sides, so it will add more effect on having the picture focus on the person.

And you are done!

burn photofocus photo

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Grabe na ang ganda bi.. galing.. laki ng improvements./.

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