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How to add adobe fonts

With a Creative Cloud membership, you most likely have access to the complete library of Adobe Fonts for web and desktop use. There are a few exceptions, such as some businesses and educational institutions, which have custom licensing agreements with Adobe. But in most cases, even if you don’t have access to the full offering of Adobe Fonts, you can still access Adobe’s basic font library. So let’s take a minute to see how to find and install Adobe Fonts.

you might wanna use this image

I’ll tap T to select the type tool, and then click and type in water. Holding down the Ctrl key and the Shift key, I’ll drag to make that larger, and tap Enter to commit to the text. Then from the properties panel, if I want to see what Adobe fonts I already have installed, I can click on the Creative Cloud icon. If I want to see more fonts from Adobe I click on the icon to the right. That will take me online where I can start searching for fonts. If I know the font name or the foundry or the designer, I can enter it here. Or I can search by a number of different parameters, such as classification. I’ll choose Sans Serif, and then I can choose whether I want paragraph or heading recommendations as well as a variety of additional property options. If I want to see the exact text that I’m looking for, I can go ahead and “water” in here. Then I can scroll down and when I see a typeface that I want to install, I can choose to view the family. This family has 10 different fonts, which I can scroll through and choose whether I want to activate individual fonts, or I can activate all 10 fonts. I’ll go ahead and activate them all, and then return to Photoshop. I’ll start typing in the name of the font. We can see that it’s already been installed, and I can select it to change the text in my image.

So as you can see, Adobe Fonts makes it very easy for me to find and install fonts in Photoshop.

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